Cello Case for the discerning

Thanks to the sandwich construction method, the Brack-Case is a featherweight at only 3.5 kg. It has a high intrinsic stability, characteristic which is also evident when the case is open. Fundamental properties of the case are thermal insulation which protects the valuable instrument against hot and cold, as well as an optimal impact protection. Thanks to the innovative interior design, both larger and smaller cellos are optimally held. Four lockable attaché fastenings guarantee fast, easy and effortless handling.

Shell: The plastic shell is manufactured using the so-called sandwich construction method. This guarantees stability and lightness as well as a high thermal insulation. The robustness and shape stability of the case has been tested by the Technische Fachhochschule in Rapperswil (Switzerland) and were rated “very good”.

Interior design: With the interior design, emphasis was mainly put on maintaining an excellent hold of the instrument. The case can also be customized to suit your instrument. The neck of the instrument is supported by a long foam pad and held with a strap. The body of your cello should be a maximum of 5mm away from the neck block. This prevents, should the case be knocked or put down sharply, the cello jumping out of the pin anchorage. To prevent lateral movement of the cello, the pin ring is held in a plastic anchorage. The pin ring anchorage can be moved up or down and locked in place. To keep your instrument from rocking, foam pads, on which the cello gently rests, are inserted in the lower half on both sides. It is particularly important to us that every instrument, regardless of its size, is held stably and securely in the case.

Finish: The Brack-Case is finished in anthracite black, has a holder for two bows and a pocket for strings. The case comes with two straps so it can also be carried on one’s back. In addition, the case is equipped with two practical leather handles, which are very comfortable in the hand. The case also has four built-in recessed fastenings which can also be shut away. All parts are screwed and can be replaced individually.

Colours: Our standard colours are: white, ruby red, metallic sapphire blue, silver grey and metallic black. We are happy to meet your wishes for a customized colour at a surcharge.

Price: Standard colours CHF 2’600.00 (surcharge for a customized colour CHF 250.00)

Terms and conditions:  AGB

Backpack carrying system for Cello Case

The perfect backpack system with comfortable shoulder, chest and waist straps ensures a comfortable fit. Thanks to the padded waist belt the back is relieved.

Easy to assemble – comfortable to wear

Installation Instruction

Price CHF 250.00

Cases with small optical blemished at a reduced price

Currently  cases with minor optical blemishes:
1 Brack-Case blue metallic, smaller version with a very small optical blemishes on stock – cheaper price
1 Brack-Case white and perl white, regular version with a very small optical blemishes on stock – cheaper price

Brack – Cases are sold by various retailers around the world. The current list of dealers can be found here:  Dealers

The most important questions concerning the Brack-Case

Das Case kann mit einem normalen Spühlmittel gereinigt werden. Bei sehr starken Verschmutzungen kann Alkohol, Aceton oder Benzin benutzt werden. Keine Scheuermittel und keine kratzigen Reinigungsgegenstände verwenden.

Anpassen des Instrumentes:
The case can be cleaned with a normal cleaning product. With very heavy soiling, alcohol, acetone or benzine can be used. Do not use any scouring agents or abrasive cleaning pads.
Adjusting of the instrument:

The instrument should fit precisely into the case. The instrument should neither jump nor rock. The following points should be observed:

– Should the instrument rock from side to side, the pin ring anchorage can be removed and reset slightly deeper.
– Should the instrument slide back and forth between pin ring anchorage and neck padding, we provide a foam pad, with Velcro, which is either mounted at the pin ring anchorage between anchorage and the case side-wall, or located at the neck pad. This adjustment can easily be carried out oneself.

– The handles are mounted with screws and thus replaceable. Installation instructions handle
– The locks can also be replaced, but we recommend that this is done by an expert. Installation instructions locks
– The neck strap can easily be replaced oneself. Installation instructions neck strap

Cracks usually do not go through the whole case wall and are only in the outer layer. This cracking may not look nice, but is of  no risk factor. The case will not leak or be more brittle at these points. Major damage can be repaired by us by arrangement.

Europe: Forwarding with GLS
Worldwide: when possible with FEDEX
Cost on request